December 28, 2014


Organizational Skills

  1. Organizer of International Young Microbiologist Competition 2014
  2. Organizing Committee and Event Promoter of St. Xavier’s College MELA
  3. Organizing Committee of Scientific Talk Series (STS), a monthly talk program

Computer skills

  1. Good Command of Microsoft Office Tools, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Designing and Graphic Designing
  2. Developing Applications with MySQL and PHP as well as Android App
  3. Good Command in using data analyzing software such as SPSS, Basic Bioinformatics and Primer Designing.

Other skills

  1. Using sophisticated tools such as thermal cycler, Gel Doc, Spectrophotometer,        ELISA Reader, Electrophoresis unit’s horizontal as well as vertical, inverted microscope, carbon dioxide incubator.
  2. Strong Social Entrepreneurship skills, initiative and dedication
  3. Good at sports especially Cricket, Basketball and Football.
  4. Volunteer on Microbiological Conferences, ASM Workshops, Health Camps, Blood Donation Program, St. Xavier’s College SET Exhibition and SET Cycle Rally.

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